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The Soutzoukos is a traditional sweet made of a thick creamy mixture of boiled grape juice with a little flour. From a special rope pass almonds or walnuts and then are cut several times into the jelly.

Cyprus Traditional Products

Soutzoukos is a traditional Cypriot product which has been made in villages for generations. This Product make with genuine grape juice, flower and flavourings. The grapes that used are must roll is usually made when the white grapes has the best taste.

In our store we have another 2 flavours of Soutzoukos. The one that make with pomegranate juice, and the other one with the carob syrup that both of them has unique taste you must try. In addition we have all of these ones with two different nuts in the middle, either almond or walnuts. So you have the opportunity to make the best choice.

More traditional Cypriot products is the 'Kiofteri' and 'Palouzzes' that cooked with the same way as the Soutzoukos and with the same materials.

So here you can buy a lot of kinds of Soutzoukos Online!